Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and all of Wag On Inn is buzzing with excitement and are as busy as can be! Things are slowly getting back to normal (were they ever?) although the rescue took a big hit during the storm we plan to continue to work toward our goal of saving as many dogs and cats as possible this season.

Saying that, we have to remind people that puppies and kittens are NOT gifts, they are lifetime commitments. It is one thing for parents to get their child a dog for the holiday (assuming they were begging for one like most kids), but it is another thing to give someone an animal without them approving of it. It is a 15 + year commitment, and we hate to see dogs returned. So please do not give pets as gifts unless it is already agreed upon! Still I think that people should pick their own pets!

We had four dogs come in this weekend. Two of those dogs were owner surrenders from NJ. These sweet babies have a story. So does the person that surrendered them.

Her mother passed away, her mom was the owner of the pups. They are around 4 and 5. These dogs only had each other and were kept in a crate. When she went to her mom's house she found the dogs. She tried to keep them, but she has two other dogs. Both she and her husband work and these dogs need a lot of love. They have now experienced life outside the crate and human interaction. They did not think it was fair to the dogs to keep them when they could not fulfill their needs.

This woman lost her mom, and these sweet pups a few weeks apart. :( To me, she was selfless in surrendering the dogs to Wag On Inn. She said that she knew I could find them the best forever home. It was very painful for her.

These boys have lived years in a crate together. They feel like they only have each other when they are nervous. Therefore these dogs need to be fostered and adopted together. They would absolutely grieve without each other. I have them at my house, seperate from the other dogs. They are confused....but oh so sweet! (from Karen L.)

Ty and Sammy
TY and Sammy need a foster home!
We also had pebbles who comes with a very sad story. Pebble's is a 5 month old shepard mix who came from the south.  Pebbles was  found when someone had taped up a box with her in it and put it in someone's trash can. When the garbage men came the box fell over and Pebbles was able to get out and ran onto the homeowners porch.  The homeowner's were going to keep her because they had fenced in yard but their dogs didn't like her and were mean to her (jealousy maybe?). So, the daughter took her temporarily but had too many of her own and put her in shelter there in hopes she would get adopted. She was very sad to see her go, but knew that Pebbles would have a better chance of getting adopted in NJ with a rescue. 

How anyone could hurt an animal is beyond my comprehension. There have been some people in my life that I would have liked to slap but I could never ever thing of hurting a dog or any animal. ( Never actually slapped anyone, I'm a pacifist :))

This sweet, gorgeous girl needs a home where she will be spoiled with love, long walks and biscuts!

Another girl I would like to mention is a bit older than Pebbles but still has a lot of spring in her step!
Shelby is 10 years young and is a Shepard mix. She was minutes away from being euthanized because her family could no longer keep her because of a move. Shelby was going to be killed through no fault of her own when one of our very dedicated volunteers stepped in to save her. Shelby was placed in a foster home but has been overlooked because of her age. Shelby would be a great companion, she loves leisurely walks and just spending time with people!
Say Cheeeeze Shelby!
Visit our website to see Shelby and all of our adoptable pups and the events!
Wag On Inn could use your help this holiday season! Our wish list from Santa is below:

Any premium dog food
Any premium puppy food
Gift Certificate to Petco or PetSmart

Cleaning Supplies
disinfecting wipesbleach paper towels
Toys and Suppliescollars
puppy/dog toys puppy/dog shampooprinter paper  
Flea Prevention
Frontline/Advantix any size
Monetary donations are always welcome also.
Checks can be mailed to:
Wag On Inn Rescue
P.O. Box 221
Oakhurst, NJ 07755
Thank you and have a great holiday season!!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The last few weeks have been intense for us all, but we continue to do what we love, save dogs and cats! For most of us, our animals are a great source of comfort to us when we are feeling sad, lonely or are just having a really bad day. "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face!"  I have a poster of that saying that I plan to hang in my office when I (eventually) open up a therapy practice. I also plan to have therapy animals there as well. My animals are the best for cheering me up when I'm low, what would we do without them?? I hope that you are all taking comfort in your animals during this stressful time. If you don't have an animal, well.... we have plenty to share!

I have a great success story to share, Myalina is a beautiful puppy with a very sad past. (Some of the pictures below may be graphic for some people, but it is a reality for some rescued dogs).

Myalina was a sweet six month old puppy when she was found wandering the streets. This poor thing had a deeply imbedded harness.  The harness was probably put on when she was very small, and never taken off, Myalina contiued to grow and her skin grew around the harness.  Who knows what other pain she endured during her short life, but this was too much for one dog.  Despite being in pain, she is a very sweet gentle pup.

Myalina was all fixed up by some very kind people who would not let her down and sent to New Jersey to join the Wag On Inn pups!  She will always bear the scars of her past a reminder of what happened, but I am happy to report that Myalina was adopted soon after arrival to NJ. She can now finally get the love that she deserves!  Here is a letter from her new mom.
When we heard her story about how she was found it broke our hearts. Then, we saw her picture and even though we were not looking for another pet, we decided we must give her the love she deserves.
She came to us and quickly became "friends" with our 11 year old female yellow lab and our 7 year old 20 lb. Maine Coon! She is very affectionate and follows us everywhere we go. My three children love her as she always wants to play and be petted. She has a lot of energy and gets extremely excited when anyone enters the house. She won't leave you alone until you acknowledge her enthusiastic greeting!
She has been great on the leash and absolutely loves to run around in the backyard with our lab and the kids. She's very smart and follows many commands already. We do have to hide our shoes, though- she likes to take them and hide them all over the house! We are very happy to have her as part of our family and I'm pretty sure she's quite happy, too!

Myalina in her new home!

I am also very happy to report that Mayia and Christina, both long time WOI fosters, were both adopted yesterday!!
Maiya- Adopted!

 Christina- Adopted!!!
Love reporting such great news!! 
Wag On Inn also has the opportunity to help even more animals, but we need help! Wag On Inn is looking for volunteers to care for foster cats at Petco in Howell. Petco is located on Rt 9 in Howell Commons. We would need to care for them twice a day. They need to be fed, litter cleaned and LOVED. We are really hoping we can place some cats at this location. (4) max. If you or someone you know is willing to help, please let me know..ANY time is greatly appreciated. One time slot a week would be a tremendous help. Please contact Wendy @ 732-618-4285 asap..There are cats sitting in shelters in need of a loving home. We would hate to see them euthanized if we can make a difference....Thank you!!
This is a great opportunity to help if you cannot foster or donate. It only takes a little while, although I'm sure some people stay to play with the cats!
Please visit our website at
We are also on Facebook... "Like" Friends of Wag On Inn and share with friends!!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Getting Back to 'normal'

Things are slowly getting back to normal for some of us, others will deal with months of stress and difficulty.  If anyone out there needs assistance, whether that be volunteers to help with your home, clothes, food (people or dog) please let us at Wag On Inn know. We are here for animals AND people.

We had our first outreaches after the hurricane and nor'easter this weekend. Adoptions have been very slow over the last few months, painfully slow.  It breaks our hearts because the more adoptions we have, the more animals we can save and the longer we can keep the rescue running more smoothly. But... after this weekend I am happy to report that things are looking up!

   Jessie the three year old shepard mix was adopted a few weeks ago!! This beauty can finally rest her head after sadly having to leave her family. 

Arley and Linda were adopted on Sunday! Arley and Linda were a Pilots and Paws dogs who were flown up from the south to find their forever homes.


Linda- Adopted!Linda- Adopted!

Last night, Shena was adopted. Shena (Shay-Shay as I called her) is the black lab that was days away from death, and she was a mess when she can up. She is healthy and beautiful now, she gained some much needed weight and all her skin healed.  Shena was spayed so she would no longer have to give puppies up and could focus on being a happy dog.  She found her forever home with very nice people and a brand new doggy best friend. My sister, Dad and I were all sad to see her go, very bittersweet, but we are happy to see her have a nice big yard and just know that she will be spoiled!
Shena before...
Shena now!
I would like to focus on yet another dog who has been fostered with WOI for quite some time and I really do not know why! Sophie is a love bug! Sophie is a three year old Puggle that was found as a stray. After being taken in, her foster parents realized that she was pregnant. Sophie delivered four healthy babies a week later and cared for each one of them until they all found loving homes. Now it’s Sophie’s turn to find her forever home. Sophie is a loving, constant companion who gets along with small dogs and children. She is happiest at your side, keeping you warm on those long cold nights!
                                                                  I mean look at that face!!!!

Wag On Inn is still facing struggles especially after the storm. If you would like to help in any way please visit our website at 
Wag On Inn is in need of supplies to helpo keep our rescue running
Supplies we need:
Dog/cat food
Kitty litter
Advantix in all sizes
cleaning supplies
Gift cards or monetary donations are always welcome and accepted.
Also if anyone has an idea for a fundraiser and/or would like to help raise money for WOI please email me at
Thank you, and I hope to report more success stories very soon!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Post Hurricane

It is very difficult to put the last week into words, but for my own sanity I will try. Hurricane Sandy destroyed what we knew of our Shores, but we will restore and stay strong.  It is amazing to see that people are now coming together, to donate, volunteer, sort, and help anyway that they can to help their neighbors and friends. There have definitely been the complaints and whining. Believe me sitting in the dark and cold is not an ideal way to live, but we will get through it because we are Jersey Strong.

For anyone still without power, it is coming, my husband and father work for JCP&L and they are working 16 hour shifts until all of the power is back on. I am lucky enough to have my pups to keep me warm while Mike is working. And Oliver to protect me at night.  Anyone else noticing their dogs becoming super protective or was it just me?

            We finally got power back Saturday night (we were lucky to only be out for 5 days) ; I did a dance with my dog Oliver for about twenty minutes after. You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. I realize how extremely lucky I am, my house is intact, my family (including my pups) and friends are safe. I realize that others are not so lucky, so now is the time to help out where we can, and not just for the few weeks that the media will stretch this out, but for months and months that it will take to rebuild our community.

            Wag On Inn had to relocate our cats to Milltown Petco, as Eatontown is still out of power. If anyone can help with the cats please contact Andrea at, even one time would be a huge help to us!! I am praying that our foster homes are safe and that everyone is okay. It has been difficult to communicate and I know everyone is focused on their families at this very difficult time. Wag On Inn is going to need new fosters more than ever at this time. If you were lucky enough to have no damage to your home and can spare a little space and love please contact us to foster.

Some good news now and something that many people thought would never happen. Glory is being adopted!  Glory came at the end of July this year from a high-kill shelter in North Carolina.  She was the most terrified dog I have ever dealt with before.  She was terrified of people  she would run and cower. She was first at my dad’s and sister’s house being fostered, but she would not eat, walk, go to the bathroom for three days. They tried with her, it broke my heart that she was so afraid of everything.  I thought that maybe if I brought her to my house she would do better (couldn’t do any worse).  Slowly she started to eat (warm hotdogs).  She needed my dogs to show her the way, and that I was safe. I would literally have to kiss my dog  on the top of her head for Glory to come near me. I had a lot of tricks with her to do normal everyday dog things. Whatever made her comfortable I would try, she ended up sleeping under my bed because that’s where she was comfortable.   Every day she progressed a little bit, eating normally, going outside, and I even got her to go on a walk on a leash! I thought that the leash was impossible, but she had come to love going on walks with me. 

Glory watching squirrels

Glory Girl!

            Glory and I really bonded, I had seen her immense progress and it warmed my heart.  She trusted me, no one but me, and I became very protective of her.  Glory got many applications and had many meetings but none of them were a right fit. She was adopted for one day, and it didn’t work out because she was afraid and needed more time to open up, she needed patience and love.  Glory is so beautiful many people wanted to adopt but she was so scared around new people. I thought that she would live with me forever.  Which I wouldn’t have minded, IF she liked my husband, at all. But I was willing to foster for as long as it took to find her the right home.

            Glory’s lucky day came at the Halloween parade for WOI.  We met a wonderful woman with two dogs, Glory seemed different with her. I had never met this woman before but she was friendly with my dad.  We walked to a grassy area where Glory warmed up to her two dogs immediately. Then Glory did what I though she never would, she took a treat from her hand!! You see, when Glory was stressed she would eat, anything. The fact that she took a treat from her, I knew this was the home for her. 

            The next day, I took Glory to the house for a playdate at her house. The dogs wrestled and ran around and really took to one another.  I was going away that weekend to run a 5k in Maryland (we went and then had to turn around because it was cancelled) and she offered to watch Glory while I was away.  Glory stayed the weekend, which turned into the hurricane, and needless to say she is still there.  Glory found her forever home finally, and I couldn’t be happier for her ::tear::

 Glory in her new home

Wag On Inn appreciates all of your dedication and support. We expect some incoming displaced dogs from Hurricane Sandy. If you would like to donate supplies or funds to the rescue towards their care or foster a dog or cat please visit our website at or email me at Thank you
We can use any donations at this time including:
Dog/cat food, dry or wet
treats, toys
cleaning supplies (bleach, paper towels, wipes)
monetary donations and gift cards

Please stay safe everyone.

We desperately need help with the cats in Milltown NJ, near New Brunswick NJ. Even one shift would help it only takes about an hour or so to feed and change litter. Please contact if you can help! Thanks

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween fun!

Arley- Beagle for Adoption

Yesterday was the annual Wag On Inn Halloween parade and party at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park.  It was a beautiful day and everyone had a lot of fun! What's not to love? Dogs in costume, parades, prizes all at the bar?!? Doesn't get better than that! Everyone did a great job and we had a bunch of adoptable dogs strutting their stuff! 
 We really appreciate all of the support!  All of the money raised went to the dogs and cats of WOI!

Walking dogs for parade
Joey, my previous foster,dressed as Robin meeting a new friend!

Munchkin- adopted!

The Halloween party/parade was great, hopefully we will see you all next year!
The Asbury Park Press online video with WOI is out! The link is 
Everyone did a great job, especially since we are all camera shy and prefer to be behind the scenes. The video features some of our cats who desperately need homes, and volunteers to come play with them!
I want to feature one our long time foster pups who needs a good home, she has had such a rough life, she deserves only the best.  Christina!
Christina is a pure bred Doxie girl who is about two years old. This sweet girl has been through so much in such a short life. Christina came from Puerto Rico in June. She was so grateful to be here.

When Christina came, no one knew that she was pregnant, she didn't show the usual signs, unfortunately Christina lost her pup. It was then discovered that she had mammary tumors and needed surgery to remove them. Luckily WOI was there to help with the surgery.  Upon x-ray the vet found a bullet in Christina's hip. A Bullet! Who would shoot this sweet girl (or any other living thing for that matter)?? Utterly disgusting but something that we have to deal with quite a bit with what we do.  So the tumors were benign (whew!) and Christina got a clean bill of health after a long journey for this itty bitty girl.  She is ready to be adopted!! She is a complete lap dog!! Christina is very comfy in her foster home, but a permanent home is always the best!

Christina and so many of our dogs need surgery or extensive medical care. Wag On Inn does not believe on giving up on animals because of cost. If you would like to donate to our vet care, hold a fundraiser or anything else that may help WOI save the lives of these innocent animals please contact me or visit our website at Thanks!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy Tails!

Have some exciting news! Pickles the Sato pup was adopted yesterday! She has a new home with her new parents and mini Schnauzer sister! Very happy for her and her new family.

The Asbury Park Press was at Petco in Eatontown yesterday for their Critter Tails online segment. They asked about the rescue and will feature some of our pups! And in the end we have the adoption of Pickles! We love happy endings! The segment will run on on Saturday! Don't judge our on camera skills we are not actors by any means okay?!, but the dogs shined! Jessie was as beautiful as ever and loves the camera! Hopefully the feature will help bring awareness to the dogs that need loving homes.
Jessie - Shepard Mix

 Sadly Jessie is the by-product of a divorce.  Her parents split up and three years after caring for this sweet girl, there was no room for her. This breaks my heart because I could never give up one of my own, she must be so confused.  Jessie is currently a resident of Camp Bow Wow until we can find her a forever home.  She is good with everyone.  Hopefully that this is the week that Jessie will be able to rest her head on a dog bed in a permanent home!

In Kitten News....
Karen, one of our super devoted foster parents and V.P. of WOI had a very interesting turn of events this week. While she was at work, a woman came in looking for help. She had three tiny three week old kittens who had just lost their mother and would not survive without around the clock care. Their mother was sadly hit by a car and these babies were left orphaned.  

Without hesitation, Karen took these tiny babies in. Mind you she is not a natural 'cat person', but has many rescue dogs. These kittens need to be fed with a dropper with formula until they can start eating kitten food. They need to be fed many times throughout the day, cleaned regularly and need humans to rely on what their Momma would have given them. It is very hard work and not something that most would easily do.  They are very lucky that Karen had taken them in or they may not have survived. There names are Marbles, Siron & Simba.
Karen's daughter Becca helping with the 6am feeding
WE will keep you updated on the kittens and their progress. The kittens will need to have vet care, shots and will be spayed/neutered when ready.  I have heard that the orange one has already been spoken for when he is ready to be adopted. :)
If you would like to contribute to the care of the kittens please go to our website to donate. Every bit helps and it all goes to the animals!
If you would like to volunteer with WOI we desperately need help with the cats at the Petco in Eatontown for morning and evenings.  Its simple and involves socializing with the cats, feeding and cleaning the litter boxes. Can do as much or as little as you like. If you can help please contact Andrea at

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11, 2012

Meet Vanilla, a sweet Boxer mix who arrived to WOI on Sept 29th from NC. She was flown here by wonderful volunteers from Pilots N' Paws. Unfortunately, when she arrived she was very sick. Vanilla was vomiting and had severe diarrhea. Her foster mom started her on IV fluids the evening she arrived, as she would not eat or drink a thing!

Vanilla not feeling so well.

Sunday morning Vanilla was taken to Red Bank Vetrinary hospital where she was diagnosed with Parvo Virus. This is a virus that claims the life of many innocent puppies if not caught early and fluids are not maintained. Luckily for Vanilla her foster mom is a nurse and was able to treat her at home with IV fluids and oral antibiotics. Wag On Inn spent hundreds of dollars as we were committed to save her. Unfortunately after round the clock fluids, Vanilla declined after a few days and by Tuesday returned to see Dr Feddersen at Red Bank. Dr Feddersen is a wonderful vet who has helped save many of Wag On Inn's sick pups. Dr Feddersen gave Vanilla a Fresh Frozen Plasma infusion that evening. She took her home with her to care for her and monitor her until strong enough to return to her foster home.

Vanilla waiting to be treated.

 By Friday of last week Vanilla returned home to her foster family. Luckily Vanilla has been getting stronger each day. She is acting like a healthy young puppy! She loves everyone she meets...Wag On Inn and it's dedicated volunteers are so happy to report that Vanilla is ready to find her "forever" home!! -                   Written by Wendy. H.

Wag On Inn Strives to help any dogs we can regardless of ailment.  WOI is not a breed specific group, but will take any dog that needs our help.  WOI is known for taking in the pups that no one else will, because of cost and hardship. Vanilla's vet bill alone was 1500!!  This is a substantial hardship for WOI, but we vow never to give up on a dog/cat because of cost. I mean look at that face, how could we say we cannot save you vanilla,  because of cost!

Wag On Inn is run solely by donations and fundraisers, as well as the occasional grant from companies. Without the help from our supporters, we cannot go on. If you would like to donate to Vanilla's or any other dogs care please visit our website.We have paypal and accept checks as well. Thank you.
Vanilla in her foster home, healthy!
*Update*  Vanilla was adopted by her foster mom! Couldn't imagine a better home for her then being with this family who nursed her back to health when she was so ill.  She is a very loved puppy who is getting so big!

Wag On Inn has had a lot of hardships recently but we will keep on keeping on, to do what is right for the dogs and cats. After all the hard work, sweat and tears we go thorough with these rescued pups, its all worth it for a puppy kiss, showing you they are grateful for being safe and loved. Then to see them get their 'furever' home is a blessing that all foster homes strive for.

You can take that Bandana off now Rocky!!

On a very happy note, Rocky, the pup from the first ever WOI blog, and Pilots and Paws, found his forever home last night!! He is with a wonderful family and we are all very very happy for Rocky!!! His foster mom Heather did a great job by taking him in and showing him love that he had probably never know before that. Thanks to all of our fosters, who are the only reason we can save these dogs!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 7, 2012

Yesterday was the annual Dog Fest at Windward beach. We had many dogs for adoption and lots of volunteers to help out.  Jonna and her daughters were so great, raising lots of money with the raffle and give aways!  They were great volunteering there whole Saturday for the pups! They even brought their foster failure Jelly bean( my former foster) to visit. It was so great to see her thriving and happy. I think she remembered me!
Pickles was there greeting everyone and trying to sleep in the box of bones! Pickles arrived on Wednesday with the other SATO pups from Puerto Rico. We are going to have to have a contest to guess the breed of this sweet girl, because I have no idea! She is spunky and full of energy, and I just love her name, Pickles!! I hope the people who adopt her keep the name!
Arley- Beagle mix
Arley was also there ready to greet all the people who visited the Wag On Inn booth. Arley came with the Pilots and Paws group last weekend. She is doing well in her foster home but desperately needs her forever home!! She is a sweetie pie, and was so worn out from all the days festivities, I'm sure she slept like a baby that night!

Sheena was also at Dog Fest yesterday. This sweet girl came to us from North Carolina. She was saved from certain death when volunteers offered to save her and another dog Sabrina (which we think may be Sheena's pup).  Sheena was what I would call a 'hot mess,' when she arrived. She was super malnourished, with parasites, chewed up ears from fly bites.  the vet estimated that she probably had about 4-5 litters of puppies, and she is only 1 1/2- 2 years old!!  She has been in foster care for about 2 weeks and the difference is incredible!! The picture to the left is before she came, the picture to the right is from yesterday. She has gained 8lbs, is parasite free, has been spayed and her ears are almost all the way healed!!  She is the sweetest dog, loves to snuggle and just hang out with you. She also loves dogs and children. She would be a perfect family pet, and any family would be lucky to have her! She has the cutest blue spots on her tongue!   Can't imagine that she would be euthanized, but unfortunately it is a reality with so many unspayed and neutered dogs creating more puppies that the shelters cannot handle.  Luckily for Sheena she was saved in time thanks to some great WOI volunteers!

Dog Fest was great and we will be attending next year!

Sophie before
I had a really nice visit from one of my old fosters today, Sophie. Sophie was a puppy Mill dog, used or breeding over and over again.  She was saved from that life and transported to NJ in the Spring of 2011 to have a better life.  Poor thing came and didn't know how to play with toys or had probably never been outside of her crate. 

Sophie now!
Sophie's new mother came to visit us today and I was amazed at how great she looked. She is now a confident and loving dog that I always knew she could be.  Sophie was the dog who changed my husband Mike's view on small dogs!  Sophie climbed into his lap one day and stayed for hours. They really bonded that day, and he now likes small dogs as well as big dogs.
Sophie and Mike reunited!
It was so nice to have a visit from an adopter and former foster, it makes you feel really good when you see how well they are doing and the great life that they have. I just love getting all kinds of updates from adopters, hopefully I can share some more soon!

Sonora is the blond chi mix .
I also have some very sad news to report. Sonora, a tiny chi mix that came a few weeks ago passed away this week. Sonora became very sick, and despite veterinary care and love from her foster family, her poor fragile body could not handle the stress and she passed away. This is always so devastating to the WOI family. We are very saddened by the loss of Sonora.

 Sonora is the tiny blond chi mix in the video. Her sister Pepper is doing well. Sadly, this happens every so often despite all of WOI's efforts to save them.                    Rest In Peace Sonora.

Wag On Inn does everything possible to save each and every dog from sickness and pain despite the bills that come with it, and because of that we needs your help to continue what we do, saving dogs and cats.  If you would like to donate to help pay for the vet care please send a check to P.O. Box 221 Oakhurst NJ 07755. We also have a paypal account linked to our website.
                                                     Thank you for all of your support.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Puerto Rican Pups coming tonight!

Wag On Inn frequently brings dogs from Puerto Rico to NJ, and today five more dogs are coming up! Tex, Giselle and Fergie are the Schnauzer mixes.  

The number of homeless dogs In Puerto Rico there is staggering. Dead dog beach is a place where dogs are abandoned, left to fight for themselves and compete for food, shelter and fresh clean water.  Over 90% of dogs that end up in PR's shelters are euthanized, that number is up to 98% for underequiped and underfunded shelters. This is why we take so many SATO's (puerto rican street dogs). Sato's are a special breed. The Sato's are very resourceful sweet pups who generally trust humans despite what has happened to them.  Sato's are not only neglected but many times abused and even shot at! This year we have found several dogs with pellets and bullets embedded in their skin. This is not unique to Puerto Rico as this happens all over sadly, even in NJ.
 I have had many Sato fosters myself, two of which are on this video about Dead Dog Beach. Joey and Nena! Joey was just the scrappiest little pup who I adored. Joey found his forever home last year with a great family. Nena found her home in July after a long time in a foster home, it was worth the wait because she is doing great with her foster family and her brother!  
This is Nena after a great deal of training and love and support from our foster families. Nena was very special to me, it was sad to see her go but one of the most rewarding adoptions for me personally to date.
What a difference from the video huh? (nena 5:23)
Last week one of our WOI volunteers, Kathy went down to work on helping on a project to spay/neuter a bunch of dogs so that the population can be under control so these dogs do not have to suffer.
Spaying/neutering is such a huge part of what we promote, it is so important to control the population and to keep the dogs healthy.  This weekend at one of our events, I met a man who I heard say that "Neutering dogs was mean," although my jaw wanted to hit the floor, I restrained myself and attempted to educate on the importance of spaying and neutering. Not only is it more healthy for the dog, it keeps down the population so dogs are not unnecessarily put to sleep.  12 million dogs/cats are "euthanized" each year in the U.S. alone, according to Cornell University stats. That is such an injustice. He wasn't swayed, and I know that he is not alone in that thinking, we still have a long way to go on educating the public about this important cause. One day, maybe there will be no homeless dogs and cats, until that day we will keep doing what we do!
In other exciting news, WOI now has cats!! Our cats are at the Petco in Eatontown, our volunteers go twice a day to feed, clean and socialize with our cats. We have had the cats for about 3 weeks and have already had three adoptions.
 Here is a picture of Princess one of our recently adopted cats.
Our cats are taken from shelters in the area where they have been overlooked for quite a while. We bring them to Petco for more exposure and a better chance at finding them a great home. We have had great success so far and are looking to working with cats for a long time! Keep checking back I will try to post new pictures of the new cats that we get in! Better yet, go visit them at the Petco In Eatontown!
Wag On Inn always needs volunteers and desperately needs foster homes! Apply Online!