Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and all of Wag On Inn is buzzing with excitement and are as busy as can be! Things are slowly getting back to normal (were they ever?) although the rescue took a big hit during the storm we plan to continue to work toward our goal of saving as many dogs and cats as possible this season.

Saying that, we have to remind people that puppies and kittens are NOT gifts, they are lifetime commitments. It is one thing for parents to get their child a dog for the holiday (assuming they were begging for one like most kids), but it is another thing to give someone an animal without them approving of it. It is a 15 + year commitment, and we hate to see dogs returned. So please do not give pets as gifts unless it is already agreed upon! Still I think that people should pick their own pets!

We had four dogs come in this weekend. Two of those dogs were owner surrenders from NJ. These sweet babies have a story. So does the person that surrendered them.

Her mother passed away, her mom was the owner of the pups. They are around 4 and 5. These dogs only had each other and were kept in a crate. When she went to her mom's house she found the dogs. She tried to keep them, but she has two other dogs. Both she and her husband work and these dogs need a lot of love. They have now experienced life outside the crate and human interaction. They did not think it was fair to the dogs to keep them when they could not fulfill their needs.

This woman lost her mom, and these sweet pups a few weeks apart. :( To me, she was selfless in surrendering the dogs to Wag On Inn. She said that she knew I could find them the best forever home. It was very painful for her.

These boys have lived years in a crate together. They feel like they only have each other when they are nervous. Therefore these dogs need to be fostered and adopted together. They would absolutely grieve without each other. I have them at my house, seperate from the other dogs. They are confused....but oh so sweet! (from Karen L.)

Ty and Sammy
TY and Sammy need a foster home!
We also had pebbles who comes with a very sad story. Pebble's is a 5 month old shepard mix who came from the south.  Pebbles was  found when someone had taped up a box with her in it and put it in someone's trash can. When the garbage men came the box fell over and Pebbles was able to get out and ran onto the homeowners porch.  The homeowner's were going to keep her because they had fenced in yard but their dogs didn't like her and were mean to her (jealousy maybe?). So, the daughter took her temporarily but had too many of her own and put her in shelter there in hopes she would get adopted. She was very sad to see her go, but knew that Pebbles would have a better chance of getting adopted in NJ with a rescue. 

How anyone could hurt an animal is beyond my comprehension. There have been some people in my life that I would have liked to slap but I could never ever thing of hurting a dog or any animal. ( Never actually slapped anyone, I'm a pacifist :))

This sweet, gorgeous girl needs a home where she will be spoiled with love, long walks and biscuts!

Another girl I would like to mention is a bit older than Pebbles but still has a lot of spring in her step!
Shelby is 10 years young and is a Shepard mix. She was minutes away from being euthanized because her family could no longer keep her because of a move. Shelby was going to be killed through no fault of her own when one of our very dedicated volunteers stepped in to save her. Shelby was placed in a foster home but has been overlooked because of her age. Shelby would be a great companion, she loves leisurely walks and just spending time with people!
Say Cheeeeze Shelby!
Visit our website to see Shelby and all of our adoptable pups and the events!
Wag On Inn could use your help this holiday season! Our wish list from Santa is below:

Any premium dog food
Any premium puppy food
Gift Certificate to Petco or PetSmart

Cleaning Supplies
disinfecting wipesbleach paper towels
Toys and Suppliescollars
puppy/dog toys puppy/dog shampooprinter paper  
Flea Prevention
Frontline/Advantix any size
Monetary donations are always welcome also.
Checks can be mailed to:
Wag On Inn Rescue
P.O. Box 221
Oakhurst, NJ 07755
Thank you and have a great holiday season!!!!!