Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is in full swing and everyone at Wag On Inn Rescue is continuing to find forever homes for dogs and cats in need of a home for the holidays! Once again we had pictures with Santa this year to kick start that holiday cheer!
Santa and WOI Alum Amy
The holiday season is a great time to bring in a new best friend for yourself and your family, however we do not recommend pets as gifts!  Animals are a 10-15 year commitment (hopefully even longer), the caretaker of these animals has to be the one deciding if the animal is the right fit for the family.   So while it might be cute to get your granddaughter a puppy for Christmas, make sure Mom and Dad are in on the decision!!  We do not want more pets in the shelter and in foster care after Christmas because of a lack of communication.  And that means yes, even Santa must check with the family before hand!

Here is an update on one of our Christmas puppies!

Riley came in with a litter of puppies just in time for Christmas three years ago.  His original name was Kris Kringle, all of the pups had Christmas themed names.  He was my second foster ever after beginning my time with Wag On Inn only a few weeks before.  He was my second foster and shortest adoption!  We took Riley along with us to a family function, we had just picked him up from transport and didn't want him to be alone.  Well, it didn't take long for my husbands Aunt and Uncle to fall in love with Riley and decide to adopt this adorable pup!!   They filled out the application that night! Riley was soon in their home and could not be happier with his life!!  He loves long walks, and sitting in the cold outside.  He is a great hugger and is the most huggable dog with that 'teddybear' like face!  We all just love Riley and we are so happy that he stayed in our family!
Playing in the snow, his favorite!

Okay, now here is the plea part of the blog.  We are in desperate need of foster homes, so that we have somewhere to place all of the dogs/cats we want to help.  Things have gotten slow,  and people get busy we understand, but we need new foster homes if we want to continue with our mission of saving as many lives as possible.  If you can or know someone who can help foster please fill out an application http://wagoninn.rescuegroups.org/forms/.

Usually foster dogs are placed in their homes 10 days after arrival.  We do all application/vet/reference checks on the fosters behalf.  WOI will provide a crate, food, medicine and vet care (if needed).  All you provide is a warm home and love until they can be adopted.

I hear all the time that "I wouldn't be able to give the dog up if I fostered."   My answer to that is YES you will! You will because you know that if you adopt this dog out, you can save another dogs life.  Every dog you foster saves two lives, that dog and the dog down south that you just made space for in the shelter.  Plus at WOI we have a wonderful support system to help one another out and comfort one another if we are having difficulty.  So if you are considering it, reach out to us or to someone else who has fostered and they will tell you that it is the most rewarding experience! Do you have the room in your heart to open your home for 10 days to an animal in need?

If you cannot foster, there are always other ways to help.  These include donating funds toward the animals care (we are a 501 c 3 organization and all donations are tax deductible!) You can also come out and help at events, help organize a fundraiser, and share our message on social media!!

Thank you and Happy Holidays everyone!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Success story and upcoming event!

Another beautiful success story! We can never replace the animals that have crossed over the rainbow bridge, but we can honor them by saving another animal. Animals have immense healing power, like they say "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face" 

I wanted to share my story about my Ginger.  In October, 2009, I lost my beloved four year old dog.  I felt like my life had ended with her passing.  I could barely get through the days without crying.  Within a relatively short time I found Ginger on Petfinder.  I was very hesitant to go meet her, as it felt too soon after loosing my Penny.  However, there was also a video posted of Ginger from Debbie, and both my husband and I couldn't stop thinking about Ginger.  

We went to meet her the following weekend, and fell in love.  My husband wanted to take her home immediately, but I needed to come to terms with adding another dog to our family after Penny's death.  We worked out arrangements with Debbie to give us a week to make sure this was the right decision for us.  I couldn't get Ginger off my mind and did not want to miss out on such a great dog.  There was nothing I didn't like about her, but I still had such a broken heart.

At the end of the week, I had carefully packed Penny's belongings in a special place and made peace with another dog sleeping in her spot.  We picked Ginger up and it was the best decision I could have ever made.  I never thought anyone could ever take Penny's place in my heart and I was right, BUT Ginger has found a newplace in my heart and saved me from my desperate feelings of emptiness.  She gave me something else to think about and became a wonderful distraction.

Now, after three and a half fantastic years, Ginger is totally and completely part of me.  We have such a beautiful bond.  She has the same kind of temperament as Penny did, and we have a special way of looking into each other's eyes.  I train all my pups to do agility and that gives you such a unique relationship with your dogs.  Penny was wonderful at agility and Ginger is the same, if not even faster.  She is always willing to work with me and is pure joy to run with.  She does become rather loud during our courses, but she is having such fun.  She is the perfect lady while we wait our turn, but as soon as her collar comes off, it seems to be her cue to bark constantly while running with me.   She gets a lot of attention in the agility ring, partly because she is so loud, but also because she is so wonderful. 

She is an elegant lady and an adorable playful pup.  She is pure perfection in our eyes and I don't how I could ever live without her.  My husband says he feels honored when she decides to sit with him during our evenings of watching TV, as she is usually by my side.  She has brought so much joy to both my husband and me, plus to my other dogs.  My grandchildren are also madly in love with her.  When I am away from her, I can't wait to get back home to wrap my arms around her and feel her love.  She is amazing in every way, and I will always be grateful to Debbie for making this relationship possible.  

Thank you to Debbie and to all the wonderful people who help to make these beautiful adoptions happen.


We are very very excited to have our Big Gift Auction on October 5th!! 

Please share this image with everyone! Attendance is key to make the event a success!  If you would liek to purchase advanced admission or reserve a table please email Addie @findforeverhomes1@gmail.com!
We are still taking donations for gift baskets as well! Can't have too many prizes!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wag On Inn Success Stories

Rescue work is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done, and I think once you start rescuing it is hard to stop.  That being said, It is also very difficult when you are doing it full time! As rewarding as it can be it can be a strain when you realize that you cannot save every animal in need (although we try). Here is a good article about rescue work http://www.examiner.com/article/animal-rescuers-burnout
 But it is all worth it when a family sends you an update on the dogs you once fostered, rehabilitated and cared for. :) Here are just a few success stories, this is why we do what we do!

We would love the opportunity to brag about our Becca.  When we got Becca from WOI she was extremely shy and skittish..also pretty much hated the car. Most of her first week she sat on the couch.  She would go to her bowl, eat, then back to the couch. We were very patient and affectionate with Becca over the next couple of months.  She got daily walks and bonded with her adoptive family. We had a pug, Winnie,  and 4 cats. We worked with her by walking her daily, taking care rides to parks and the beach!  She loves her shore house! Now Becca is a self -confident, playful, and HAPPY dog. She plays with Winnie and the cats daily. She sleeps in bed with Winnie on weeknights and lives for the weekends (just like her parents) to head to the shore.  She LOVES the beach!  
Becca came to us after we lost our yellow lab of 16 years. We did not realize how sad our other pets were without him….until we brought Becca home! She brought happiness back into the house. So she saved us just as much as we saved her. She amazes us every day how far she has come. She barks, plays, rolls in the grass and is such a character. It took us weeks to hear her voice.  Now she tells us everything!

Greg & Nichole Gedling


Charlotte was adopted in February 2013. She is a 6 year old King Charles cavalier who was not trained ,and was very small and her back legs were bent probably from being crated. We got her spayed, her hernias fixed and some dental work done. She is fairly well trained but her gait has improved greatly. She has gained weight and she is very attached to us! She is beautiful and loves the attention she gets all the time!


Dexter, previously known as Texas, was a timid 7 month old who was rescued from a South Carolina shelter in October 2010 along with his siblings Dallas and Dawn. He currently is 3 and lives with the DeFalco family in Manalapan, NJ. 

We will continue to post success stories because.... well because it makes me very happy!

I also want to feature a story very special and selfless girl and hopefully a future animal rescuer!  I think her Aunt Wendy has has a special influence on her!

"This is the picture of my niece Ashley with all her birthday gifts for 
WOI. She turned 11 on July 5th and on her own will told my sister she wanted donations for WOI not gifts for herself. She loves her dog Rico who was my first Sato foster that they adopted 3 years ago. He has become a wonderful part of their family. He loves his "girls"/my nieces 
and is very protective of them. Rico was rescued by Amigos de los Animales with his litter mates after a warehouse explosion in PR. His brother Luchetti lives here in Farmingdale NJ. Ashley got lots of needed supplies for our fosters. As you can see from the picture, there are collars, leashes, blankets, bedding, food, gift cards and monetary 
donations. Her friends and their families were so generous...I'd like to give a big "shout" out to them as well for supporting  Ashley and her cause!  "

Wendy Hummel

What an amazing girl! In our "me, me, me" culture, it so heartwarming to see an eleven year old girl think of only others.   I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Ashley for thinking about the dogs and cats of Wag On Inn Rescue!!

If you would like to help Wag On Inn in our mission to save those who cannot help themselves please visit http://wagoninn.rescuegroups.org/info/donate

We also have a wishlist on Amazon for our animals http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/ref=wish_list

If you would like to become a volunteer or foster home please go to http://wagoninn.rescuegroups.org/forms/.  The more help we have, the more animals we can save!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Letter from Kenzie's foster parents

Kenzie, Aunt Scarlett, and the Fab 5. 
Kenzie's puppies are going to be 8 weeks old this week! Boy times does fly by! The two boys already have homes set up for when they are ready to leave the nest.   We still need to find the prefect homes for the three girls, Matilda, Foxy and Roxy!

Here is a letter that the foster family wrote about their experience with fostering this litter and Kenzie.

To say we were suprised when we found out Kenzie was pregnant would be an understatement. To say we had no idea what we were doing or what was in store for us would be spot on.
I knew Kenzie from the shelter that we volunteer at. I already was in love with her. So, when people said, "oh what are you going to do?" I would say, " have puppies, I guess." We weren't going to give up on her. The poor girl was found tied to a fence and then in a kennel at the shelter. She was finally in a place where she was loved. There was no question about it, she was staying here. We were raising puppies. We bought books, read breeder websites as to what to expect, what could go wrong, what to look for and what to do. My vet and staff (Beach Animal Hospital in Point Pleasant) were extrememly helpful and great to me as they always are. And, WOI and the volunteers were always there to advise and help. People would say, "you've never whelped a litter before?" Suprised. Well, since it goes against everything I believe in, "NO!"

We had about 3 weeks to prepare. We did. We set up her whelping pool, and her room. We made sure she was comfortable and had everything she could need. The three days before she actually gave birth we took turns sleeping in there with her. We knew it was soon, my vet said any day. She also said she didn't think this was her first time at this rodeo. She's not over 2 and she is on her 2nd, at least, litter, was tied to a fence after someone let her get pregnant and is still a tail wagging love! Back to the pups. She started labor about 5am on May 29th and had all 5 by 9am. It was an amazing experience and Kenzie did everything the text book said. The last one we did have to jossle and get breathing. But, that was only because mom was busy tending to the first 4. And, tend to all 5 is what she did from that point on. She would sit and stare and just wait for them to make noises. She would then do what they needed her to. She fell asleep sitting up in true new mom fashion. She trusted us from day one with her babies and at about week 6 she enlisted the help of a nanny in the form of her foster sister, our dog, Scarlet. The puppies escaped their pen one day and there they were the two females, herding the babies to safety.

We didn't know what we were doing. But, to spite all of that we have five gorgeous and healthy puppies living with us. Kenzie was/is a perfect mama and Scarlet is a fantastic aunt.

I am now on the quest to find them the perfect furever homes. Homes where they can grow into happy, healthy, loved dogs. They will never ever ever experience anything like the start their mom and auntie had. Nothing but love for our fab 5. I don't know who will miss them the most when they go. I think Kenzie will be ready, but, I am not so sure Scarlet will be. I know I am not ready and Jay says he is, but I think he tells fibbs. I know there won't be a dry eye found!

It has been an amazing, fantastic, exhausting, stressful, fabulous experience. And, once in this lifetime is plenty for us.

We have to thank all the Drs and Staff at Beach Animal Hospital and all the people with Wag on Inn and all of the awesome people that donated to their care. We really couldn't have done it without all of you!!!

We really could not have done any of this without Sandra Maseda Rousso and Jersey Shore Pet Care. She takes care of my babies when EVER we need help. She walks the big ones and tends to the little ones!! And, Matt Tuzzo with Jersey Shore Dogs!!! Without him and his awesome training we probably would have stopped fostering after Laura! He has been a tremendous help and always answers my numerous emails and frantic phone calls. I have learned so much from him. Seriously 2 super nice people and they care as much as we do about our animals!!
Jenn, Jay, Scarlet, Kenzie and the fab 5

Sleepy pups!  Roxy is in the front 

Snuggling with Mama


Sibling snuggle time!

If you would like to sponsor one of the puppies to help pay for spay/neuter please see our website and click sponsor, Every dollar helps! http://wagoninn.rescuegroups.org/animals/detail?AnimalID=5840950

We are also having an online puppy shower for Kenzie and her puppies! We appreciate your support!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Tails- Alumni *Chase*

This was sent in from a Wag On Inn Alumni family and current volunteers with the rescue!

This is our Cojack, Chase. He is named for our favorite Phillies ballplayer, Chase Utley. Chase is a big proponent of animal rescue and adoption, so we felt it appropriate to name our rescue after him. Chase came to us, as much as we came to him. Our 7 year old twin sons had been searching the internet via Petfinder to find a puppy to rescue. Other rescues approved us, then would not have the dogs available that the boys had fallen in love with on the website. Michele Wise took a liking to our boys, and promised them they would find a puppy to love. Chase was born in a puppy mill in West Virginia, and taken to a high kill shelter, where he and his siblings timed out. Enter Wag On Inn, who brought him to New Jersey. Chase’s picture did not make it to the “available” part of the website. We snatched him up within ten days of his arrival. His foster mommy, Michele Wise, did a great job getting him ready for his forever home with us. 
Chase arrived as Matthew and Steven’s 8th birthday present, and has been a joy to have around since his first day here. He walked in, saw the toys awaiting him in his cage, and knew they were all for him. Chase lets us live here. He loves to go for long walks, and his favorite place to play is at the dog park at Ocean County Park in Lakewood. He makes friends with EVERY dog there, and especially likes to play with the large dogs. He is sad when the boys go away to camp for the summer, but knows that he has a great place to sleep in mommy and daddy’s bed, where he has spent every night since he became trained. He is a joy to have and makes us laugh constantly. I don’t know which we love more, Chase or Wag On Inn.

Kitten Season is in full swing! Any boy do we have a lot of them at Wag On Inn! Most are in foster care until they are big, strong and altered. 

Kittens should be ready to go to their forever homes soon, apply to adopt at www.wagoninn.rescuegroups.org. 

We also have adult cats at the Petsmart in Eatontown and we are doing a meet and greet July 5th from 6-8pm. 

If you would like to foster a kitten/cat or dog please apply on our site, the more foster homes we have, the more animals we can save. 

You can also sponsor any of our animals through paypal on our website. Thanks for all of your support!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kenzie Update

All of Kenzie's puppies are doing well and thriving! They are 4 weeks just about,  have begun walking, playing, and eating gruel. They started at 14oz at birth and are now up to 5 and 6lbs!  Their foster parents say that they are super sweet and smart and would make a great addition to any family!  

Biggie Smalls 

Foxy, a cuddly girl!
 Kenzie's pups will be available for adoption in about 5 weeks or so.  If you would like to put in an application to adopt, go to www.wagoninn.rescuegroups.org and fill out an application so you can meet them! 
Roxy and Floyd 

Matilda aka Tilda 

Puppy Play Time!
We are still in need of supplies for Kenzie and her pups, especially as they get older! You cannot even imagine how many wee wee pads a litter will go through!  We have a amazon.com wishlist set up so the items are shipped directly to teh foster family for Kenzie and the pups. You can visit it here at http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/ref=wish_list
Nap Time!

Cuddle time with mama!

We are also in need of monetary donations so that we can pay for all five of the puppies to have their shots, and be spayed and neutered when the time comes! If you would like to donate our address is P.O. Box 221 Oakhurst, NJ 07755. Or we have Paypal on our site here http://wagoninn.rescuegroups.org/info/donate
Too Cute!!

Mama Kenzie looking over her pups! 

A very Special thank you to everyone who has donated so far to Kenzie and her beautiful puppies! And a Very Very special thank you to Jen and Jason for taking such good care of them all. Taking care of a litter is certainly not easy, but very rewarding! All the hard work will pay off and all of them will find the perfect 'furever' homes! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Puppies have arrived!

  Kenize had her puppies this morning!! 5 beautiful pups! 

I will keep the updates coming!

Also- all of Sassy's puppies were adopted this weekend!!

Happy news all around!!

Kenzie's Amazon wishlist for her babies! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Puppies, puppies everywhere!

It has been a while now since I have been able to blog and Sassy's puppies are already 4 months old!! We had a puppy shower a few weeks ago at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park to help pay for the care of the puppies and to help with spay/neuter expenses... 9 puppies really adds up!! Thankfully we raised enough money to get everyone spayed and neutered!  Here are some pictures from the shower...
Pup checking out posters of puppies

Sleepy puppy!
 Six of Sassy's nine puppies have been adopted, but Zeus, Apollo and Aries are still waiting for their forever homes!  Thank you to the Pringle family for fostering all nine of those babies and Oh YEA!!! They are adopting SASSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We have another expecting Mama with Wag On Inn as well...Kenzie.  Kenzie was rescued by WOI from a local animal shelter by one of our foster volunteers. Surprise, surprise a few days later it came to light that she was expecting puppies!!  They are due any day, the vet says they see four but a few more may be hiding!!  Kenzie is an amazingly wonderful girl who just loves to give kisses and snuggle. She and her foster sister Scarlet get along well and I expect that they will soon become 'furever' sisters after this experience.
Sleepy Kenzie

Kenzie and Scarlet

Kenzie and foster Mama 

 I don't believe that the foster parents are going to let this one go! We are so grateful to them that they have stepped up to take on this challenge, this is their first litter. But they are all prepared and we are having an online baby shower as we speak!! Check it out!  http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/36EH6Z9FTX202/ref=topnav_lists_2  
We will also have a baby shower in person when the puppies are old enough to be adopted!! If you would like to apply for any of our dogs or Kenzie's 'coming soon' puppies please apply at www.wagoninn.rescuegroups.org.  You can also donate to their care right on our site!!

In none baby news... WOI recently saved Honey and Dexter from being put to sleep last week from a shelter up North.  This was due to no fault of their own but a lack of space. They were dropped off at the shelter together in the middle of the night! I don't even like to leave my dogs when I go on vacation, how does this happen???These two siblings are healthy and happy at 7 months old. They need some training but that's nothing we cannot handle!  They look like Pittie mixes but they look like they are going to be on the small size, maybe 45lbs? They are ready for adoption!!!! 

Who wouldn't want these two love bugs?? 

"like" our facebook page and get daily updates at 
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