Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wag On Inn Success Stories

Rescue work is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done, and I think once you start rescuing it is hard to stop.  That being said, It is also very difficult when you are doing it full time! As rewarding as it can be it can be a strain when you realize that you cannot save every animal in need (although we try). Here is a good article about rescue work
 But it is all worth it when a family sends you an update on the dogs you once fostered, rehabilitated and cared for. :) Here are just a few success stories, this is why we do what we do!

We would love the opportunity to brag about our Becca.  When we got Becca from WOI she was extremely shy and skittish..also pretty much hated the car. Most of her first week she sat on the couch.  She would go to her bowl, eat, then back to the couch. We were very patient and affectionate with Becca over the next couple of months.  She got daily walks and bonded with her adoptive family. We had a pug, Winnie,  and 4 cats. We worked with her by walking her daily, taking care rides to parks and the beach!  She loves her shore house! Now Becca is a self -confident, playful, and HAPPY dog. She plays with Winnie and the cats daily. She sleeps in bed with Winnie on weeknights and lives for the weekends (just like her parents) to head to the shore.  She LOVES the beach!  
Becca came to us after we lost our yellow lab of 16 years. We did not realize how sad our other pets were without him….until we brought Becca home! She brought happiness back into the house. So she saved us just as much as we saved her. She amazes us every day how far she has come. She barks, plays, rolls in the grass and is such a character. It took us weeks to hear her voice.  Now she tells us everything!

Greg & Nichole Gedling


Charlotte was adopted in February 2013. She is a 6 year old King Charles cavalier who was not trained ,and was very small and her back legs were bent probably from being crated. We got her spayed, her hernias fixed and some dental work done. She is fairly well trained but her gait has improved greatly. She has gained weight and she is very attached to us! She is beautiful and loves the attention she gets all the time!


Dexter, previously known as Texas, was a timid 7 month old who was rescued from a South Carolina shelter in October 2010 along with his siblings Dallas and Dawn. He currently is 3 and lives with the DeFalco family in Manalapan, NJ. 

We will continue to post success stories because.... well because it makes me very happy!

I also want to feature a story very special and selfless girl and hopefully a future animal rescuer!  I think her Aunt Wendy has has a special influence on her!

"This is the picture of my niece Ashley with all her birthday gifts for 
WOI. She turned 11 on July 5th and on her own will told my sister she wanted donations for WOI not gifts for herself. She loves her dog Rico who was my first Sato foster that they adopted 3 years ago. He has become a wonderful part of their family. He loves his "girls"/my nieces 
and is very protective of them. Rico was rescued by Amigos de los Animales with his litter mates after a warehouse explosion in PR. His brother Luchetti lives here in Farmingdale NJ. Ashley got lots of needed supplies for our fosters. As you can see from the picture, there are collars, leashes, blankets, bedding, food, gift cards and monetary 
donations. Her friends and their families were so generous...I'd like to give a big "shout" out to them as well for supporting  Ashley and her cause!  "

Wendy Hummel

What an amazing girl! In our "me, me, me" culture, it so heartwarming to see an eleven year old girl think of only others.   I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Ashley for thinking about the dogs and cats of Wag On Inn Rescue!!

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