Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is in full swing and everyone at Wag On Inn Rescue is continuing to find forever homes for dogs and cats in need of a home for the holidays! Once again we had pictures with Santa this year to kick start that holiday cheer!
Santa and WOI Alum Amy
The holiday season is a great time to bring in a new best friend for yourself and your family, however we do not recommend pets as gifts!  Animals are a 10-15 year commitment (hopefully even longer), the caretaker of these animals has to be the one deciding if the animal is the right fit for the family.   So while it might be cute to get your granddaughter a puppy for Christmas, make sure Mom and Dad are in on the decision!!  We do not want more pets in the shelter and in foster care after Christmas because of a lack of communication.  And that means yes, even Santa must check with the family before hand!

Here is an update on one of our Christmas puppies!

Riley came in with a litter of puppies just in time for Christmas three years ago.  His original name was Kris Kringle, all of the pups had Christmas themed names.  He was my second foster ever after beginning my time with Wag On Inn only a few weeks before.  He was my second foster and shortest adoption!  We took Riley along with us to a family function, we had just picked him up from transport and didn't want him to be alone.  Well, it didn't take long for my husbands Aunt and Uncle to fall in love with Riley and decide to adopt this adorable pup!!   They filled out the application that night! Riley was soon in their home and could not be happier with his life!!  He loves long walks, and sitting in the cold outside.  He is a great hugger and is the most huggable dog with that 'teddybear' like face!  We all just love Riley and we are so happy that he stayed in our family!
Playing in the snow, his favorite!

Okay, now here is the plea part of the blog.  We are in desperate need of foster homes, so that we have somewhere to place all of the dogs/cats we want to help.  Things have gotten slow,  and people get busy we understand, but we need new foster homes if we want to continue with our mission of saving as many lives as possible.  If you can or know someone who can help foster please fill out an application http://wagoninn.rescuegroups.org/forms/.

Usually foster dogs are placed in their homes 10 days after arrival.  We do all application/vet/reference checks on the fosters behalf.  WOI will provide a crate, food, medicine and vet care (if needed).  All you provide is a warm home and love until they can be adopted.

I hear all the time that "I wouldn't be able to give the dog up if I fostered."   My answer to that is YES you will! You will because you know that if you adopt this dog out, you can save another dogs life.  Every dog you foster saves two lives, that dog and the dog down south that you just made space for in the shelter.  Plus at WOI we have a wonderful support system to help one another out and comfort one another if we are having difficulty.  So if you are considering it, reach out to us or to someone else who has fostered and they will tell you that it is the most rewarding experience! Do you have the room in your heart to open your home for 10 days to an animal in need?

If you cannot foster, there are always other ways to help.  These include donating funds toward the animals care (we are a 501 c 3 organization and all donations are tax deductible!) You can also come out and help at events, help organize a fundraiser, and share our message on social media!!

Thank you and Happy Holidays everyone!

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